2009-09-17 14:42:25
Template name:
The month of September brings some cooler weather for some of us but for those of you http://letitbit.net/download/9595.9a8b6146ebd0a4beabb659fa4/s5_elegance.zip.html

2009-09-15 14:34:43
Template name:
If Money makes the world go around, find it where on finance.com!Find guidance from the reviews of analysts and experts, online coverage of breaking news and current headlines about the world economy.
All the investments, finance and business careers, stock quotes and economic indicators, simply the most respected way to keep update to minute market information.This month, GavickPro Studio release his first template completly built with pure css and providing total color style user control. So, control your website sucess and guide your visitors to profit financial carrer with finance.com.An overview of Finance key features:- Tableless design and 100% css based.
- 10 Predefined color template styles
- Full color template style user control with frontpage panel tool.
- Build support for PhotoSlide GK3 component with exclusive Image Show template style design.
- Build support for TabsManager GK3 component for tabs content display with exclus
2009-09-02 11:29:43
Template name: Crystal
Here is our latest template creation: Crystal! This template comes with a super swish fixed menu bar on top of the site. Crystal also sets new standards in the use of PNG alpha transparencies. You can create stunning effects using multiple transparencies when you place transparent modules on transparent backgrounds. It also comes with a great selection of background color variations and further you are able to easily apply your own custom background images.Crystal offers lots of different color variations for menu items, allowing you to style every page in a different color. The background color of the drop down menu also changes when you change a menu item’s item color. Of course, you can combine all menu item-based color variations with all module color variations … variety galore!By the way: We also wanted our ZOO component to fit into Crystal visually, so we included black CSS styles for ZOO. Now you can seamlessly integrate ZOO into the
2009-09-02 11:27:44
Template name: Moxy
Copyright Business:RocketTheme
Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo:http://demo.rockettheme.com/sep09/

Moxy is the September 2009 release from RocketTheme. The theme balances both a simple and complex design, from the inclusion of stunning header styles, complimented by conservatively styled mainbody areas. RokQuickCart debuts with Moxy, a simple and elegant shopping cart component.Features and ScreenshotsRokQuickCart Integration
SEF Optimised Layout
K2 Component Styling
Custom Fonts
Complex Typography
RT Extension Styling
Javascript Form Styling
Fusion Menu & SplitMenu
10 Preset Styles
32 Module Positions
FF3.5, Opera 9.6, Safari 4, IE6,7,8 Compatible
W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid
Fusion Menu
Fusion is effectively a dropdown menu which combines the former RokMoomenu and Suckerfish systems into one, offering both a javascript enhanced and basic
2009-08-18 13:29:37
i-Tektype is a Joomla 1.5 native template. This great template can be used for different type of sites.Quote:http://www.kziz.cn/2009/08/i-tektype-itemplate-joomla-template/
2009-08-09 15:14:26
Quick Overview
i-Cocoint is a

2009-08-09 15:02:26
i-Lunaire est un modèle de Joomla 1.5 native. Ce modèle vous donne un sentiment 3d, en raison de l'en-tête arrière-plan. Chargé avec le module positions donnera à votre site le meilleur de l'air.

Citation: http://rapidshare.com/files/265318371/i-Lunar-UnzipFirst.zip

2009-08-04 15:02:20

Nom du modèle: elveSocial
Copyright Business: GavickPro商业模板
Version de l'application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo: http://demo.gavickpro.serwery.pl/joomla15/jul2009/

Enfin un endroit où tous mes amis sont facilement accessibles à mon goût: My Own Social Network communautaire, parce que je veux que ce soit!

Avec Gavick spécial Touch, le modèle vedette de ce mois est dédié exclusivement à la puissante et populaire Joomla! extension - de JomSocial Azrul équipe.

C'est une occasion de transformer votre communauté en ligne dans une interface élégante et supérieures intégrées JomSocial conçu GavickPro équipe de conception de site Web.

Avec le nouveau modèle Elvesocial, les amis et les membres de la communauté peut profiter à tout moment de partager des messages et des expériences en ligne dans un révolutionnaire de la conception numérique: Elvesocial.

GavickPro JomSocial Coupon
Nous avons eu un $
2009-08-04 14:52:05
Template name: Phoenix
Copyright Business:Yootheme商业模板
Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo:http://demo.yootheme.com/jul09Template Name: Phoenix
Copyright Business: Yootheme商业模板
Version der Anwendung: Joomla 1.5.x
Live-Demo: http://demo.yootheme.com/jul09/


^ Changed Verwendung Dokumente headdata Methoden für den Zugriff auf JS und CSS

# Fixed Cache-Pfad Problem

# Feste Breite für com_wrapper
# Fixed "rel"-Tag im Menü

# Fixed Paniermehl, wenn ein Menü-Separator wird verwendet,
^ Changed Laden der letzten custom.css zu laden
- Entfernt: Verhindern, dass das Laden der sich das Recht vor, contentright und contentleft Spalten, wenn JEditor wird geladen

^ Aktualisierung überschreibt nach Joomla 1.5.12

# Fixed bug IE6/IE7 über die Schwimmer-Box-Layout
2009-06-12 14:37:35
Template name: WeddingPraise
Copyright Business:JoomlaPraise
Version of the application: Joomla 1.5.x
Live Demo:http://wedding.joomlapraise.com/

3 Colors WeddingPraise offers three color themes. Easily switch between these themes to change the whole template to design your website and then customize to your liking Features
17 Module Positions Module positions to suit your needs.
Optimized for the K2 and PraiseSlides Component and Modules PraiseMenu This template was made (but not exclusively) the PraiseSlides and PraiseMenu modules, as well as the management component K2 Article.
Element Custom Module Heights Everybody wants to match its height with the module. Easily configure and change the height of the component modules.
Font family to choose the items and Body Choose from Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Courier New y. jp_weddingpraise_j1.5_v1.0.1 (947.15 kB) Quote:http://www.kziz.cn/2009/06/weddingpraise-joomlapraise-wedding-template
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